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Publish On: November 22, 2016

Former Military Secretary Lt. Gen Vivek Kumar Shah with his thirty years of service in the Royal Palace has published book titled Maile Dekheko Durbar. Gen Shah has a wealth of knowledge and experiences about Nepalese politics and current trend of history. The book is a collection of series of events and experiences in the form of diary note while at responsibility of military secretary in the Royal Palace. The book includes the author’s notable memoirs and analysis of events thereof.

Monarchy of Nepal once cherished as a center of power and unity has gone relegated to history now. But it still commands concern and curiosity at the mass. It would be no overstatement to say that the book is the first of its kind to bring to public about the monarchy of the country, the nature of its governance and the procedures of the Royal Palace. The author has documented the events and experiences of working under the guidance of the two Kings: Birendra and Gyanendra. The high profile military officer’s personal life experiences aside, the book comes as an important document to bring to public the hitherto undisclosed aspects of Nepalese politics.  In many respects, the book gives the vibes of Nepal seen through the window of the Royal Palace. It is believed that it will guide the course of objective documentation of historical facts in days ahead. The book can be bought directly from NISS office in a discount up to 25 percent. An english version of the book titled “Witnessing Palace , power and politics” is soon to come in our esteemed reader’s hand.