NISS welcomes students and professionals from around the world to join our dynamic, effective internship programs in Nepal. Our services on offer are targeted at providing students with a unique internship experience, and are constantly supervised by a team of skilled professionals throughout the internship session.

It gives interns and volunteers the experience of working with Nepalese communities who support different cultural, political, social and other activities. Interns and volunteers gain an experience of the culture, knowledge of Nepalese society and history and much more. Our subjects are peace,security , democracy and development ( PSDD ) .

Students willing to participate in the internship of three to six months are requested to apply at the NISS Office in Kathmandu. Depending on the qualifications of the candidates, the internships relate either to NISS’s programme activities, or to administrative functions.

Please contact at Brig Gen( Retd ) Suresh Sharma, 009779851160096 /0097714433106 for further information.