Publish On: Aug 10 2017

  Nepal Institute or Strategic Studies (NISS ) is gravely concerned about the deteriorating health condition of senior doctor  Govinda KC's who is unto-fast on to death "Satyagraha" movement , for his firm apprehension toward Government’s reluctance for the inaction of the assured agreements on his past demands ; however a dialogue committee was promptly formed during the initial...

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Publish On: Nov 28 2016

Introduction Read More Internalizing the felt need for conflict resolution and enduring peace, Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS) is established to conduct policy analysis, research, strategic level study, and training and knowledge sharing in areas of peace, security, democracy and development (PSDD). NISS is an independent, apolitical, non-profit and non-partisan national organization which provides a common forum...

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Opinions and Knowledge Sharing

Publish On: Nov 23 2016

NISS highly welcomes your opinions and knowledge sharing in key national and international strategic issues. You may visit our website , face book page or twitter to share your views. Your opinion ,article or assessment will be published with your verbal or written consent . NISS is a non -political neutral strategic study center. Any offensive views and...

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