The fish rots from the head

Publish On: Jul 11 2017

-Suresh Sharma: A probe into the wealth that officials have amassed will show the depth of corruption Nepal was ranked 131 among 176 countries in the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 prepared by Transparency International. It received a score of 29 on its scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). According to Trading Economics 2017, Nepal’s...

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Organizational Structure and Role of NID in Nepal’s Federal Set up

Publish On: Jun 13 2017

( Abstract ) Devi Ram Sharma Former Chief, NID Introduction The rationale of the Intelligence organization and its capability in any countries of the world is not a relative factor as per the size, economy and political system, rather it will envisage an equal standing in upholding the national integrity, sovereignty and national security. In this regard, however,...

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Traditional Roles

Publish On: Jun 13 2017

Suresh Sharma : The Nepal Army (NA) has not been able to secure a strategic perspective position in the changed context of a post-monarchy era and democratic republican set-up due to the same reason military thinker BH Liddell Hart was referring to when he said, “The only thing harder than getting a new idea into the military mind...

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India-Nepal Relations

Publish On: May 22 2017

A view from Nepal Dr. Upendra Gautam (Prof. Upendra Gautam, PhD, a free lance writer, is a founding member and senior functionary of Jalshrot Vikas Sanstha (JVS) in Nepal. He is interested in institutional aspect of water resources management and has experience in farmer community led irrigation management works in China, India, Nepal, the Philippines and Guyana.  He...

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Prospects From China’s Initiative

Publish On: Apr 26 2017

Upendra Gautam: In view of critical, stable and modern connectivity needs of a landlocked country, China's One Belt and One Road (OBOR), now also referred to as Belt and Road (B and R) Initiative, offers beneficial prospects for Nepal. These prospects are historic and unprecedented. For an independent-minded Nepali citizen it is neither legitimate nor appropriate to doubt China's...

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Nepal – China Security Concern

Publish On: Mar 30 2017

Brig Gen (Ret) Keshar Bdr Bhandari This presentation is based more on qualitative analysis than on the quantitative analysis. Let me admit in the very beginning that I am not an expert in China - Nepal relations. I am presenting this paper as a security and defence analyst based on the experience and knowledge I have acquired over...

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Modernization of Nepalese Army – Rationale and Urgency

Publish On: Mar 1 2017

BG Suresh Sharma ( Retd ):  Introduction Government must follow a sustained pace and create opportunities for modernization for making a knowledge based efficient military manpower. Nation’s political and military morale can clearly be observed in the face of a soldier when he stands firm in his duty post. The current organizational strength and capability of Nepalese Army...

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Soldier to shoulder

Publish On: Feb 28 2017

The Nepal Army is a close partner in the development efforts of the Nepali people Suresh Sharma: Army Day coincides with the Hindu festival of Mahashivaratri which is known as a source of power and force. The Nepal Army celebrates the day with great respect and salutation to the gallant Nepali soldiers who have ever striven for the safety,...

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From yam to bridge

Publish On: Feb 3 2017

China’s One Belt One Road initiative presents great opportunities for Nepal due its strategic location LI TAO -  The One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative promoted by Chinese President Xi Jinping has received an affirmative response from partner states including Nepal. The initiative is comprised of policy coordination, transportation connectivity, enhanced trade relations and financial cooperation in addition...

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Listen to The People

Publish On: Dec 7 2016

No political scientist can guarantee which political system and foreign policy will be the most appropriate for a specific country. The people will decide a consistent political map for sustainable progress. There are various reasons why political instability prevails in many poor countries that have been troublesome from a global perspective, like North Korea which has been raising...

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