Publish On: November 28, 2016

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Internalizing the felt need for conflict resolution and enduring peace, Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS) is established to conduct policy analysis, research, strategic level study, and training and knowledge sharing in areas of peace, security, democracy and development (PSDD).

NISS is an independent, apolitical, non-profit and non-partisan national organization which provides a common forum for individuals and organizations from the government, political parties, security sector institutions and civil society and other stake holders to hold discussion on issues of PSDD. Through research study, interactions programs, debates and training and knowledge sharing NISS aims to support the government, parliamentarians, security institutions, and stakeholders by producing strategic level papers and policy recommendations in areas of PSDD and advocate the same at the national, regional and international level. The institute coordinates intellectual leadership from all walks of life to create a socio-political understanding on policy and issues of PSDD and recommend possible solutions. NISS tries to build an enduring partnership amongst the national and international stakeholders.

Registered under the Government of Nepal (GON), Registration Number: 50 dated 2067/04/13 (July 29, 2010); NISS is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal.


Establish the NISS as a premier institution that contributes to the PSDD for a just society and well-being of humanity within the nation and beyond.

To undertake a new initiative of study based on geo-strategic and socio-economic realities that will have short-term, mid-term and long-term effects in areas of PSDD:
1.    Peace: Conflict resolution (CR) and conflict transformation (CT); and Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, and Peace-building

2.    Security: National Security Policy (NSP)/Comprehensive Security; Security Sector Reform (SSR)/Security Sector Transformation (SST); Non-Traditional Security (NTS) issues and Human Security

3.    Democracy and Human Rights: Rule of Law and Civil Military Relations (CMR)

4.    Development: Socio-Economic Development and political stability for a just society

And, expand the institution’s network within and beyond the nation.

•    Sensitize people and improve their literacy on PSDD including the idea of security as a public good.
•    Conduct extensive debate and discussion in support of PSDD.
•    Conduct research on contemporary peace and security challenges and their short-term, mid-term and long-term impacts.
•    Produce policy recommendations on PSDD and comprehensive security: including non-traditional aspects such as food, health, environmental, economic, water and energy, societal and political security.
•    Promote human security: “free from fear and hunger”, the safety, honor and well-being of the citizen by alleviating human suffering and assuring security,
•    Dissemination (publication and information sharing) of various issues related to PSDD.
•    Extract and archive experience-based knowledge on PSDD: from personalities with experience at the decision-making level.
•    Undertake informal initiatives in the areas of PSDD.
•    Establish a credible Databank on PSDD.
•    Provide training in PSDD.
•    Capacitate the young generation on national interest, sovereignty, and security.
•    Network with organizations at the national and international level.


NISS is a Think Tank first of its kind in Nepal that looks strategically in thematic areas of PSDD. The main strength lies in the composition of its members who have vast knowledge and experience in the field of PSDD. Renowned and experienced personalities and experts from various walks of life: bureaucracy, military, police, conflict studies, security analyst, development experts, corporate executive, senior advocates, practitioners in democracy and media personalities are the assets of this institution. NISS is in the process of developing a pool of experts in the field of economics, development planning, international relations and law and governance. Research fellows, subject experts, consultants and interns will support NISS projects to deliver quality results of strategic value.

The NISS is led by a Steering Committee of seven men and women from different backgrounds dedicated to lead the forum’s initiative on PSDD:

1. Lt Gen (Retd) Vivek K. Shah:                       Chairman

2. Mr. Baman Prasad Neupane:                       Vice-Chairman
(Former Secretary of GoN)

3. Brig Gen (Retd) Keshar Bdr Bhandari:            Secretary

4. Maj Gen (Retd) Shiva Ram Pradhan:              Treasurer

5. Mr. Devi Ram Sharma                                  Member

(Former Chief of NID):

6. Ms Dr. Indra Adhikari                                   Member

7. Mr Raviraj Thapa:                                        Member
AIG of APF (Retd)

a. NISS conducted several interaction programs in the form of talk program, round table discussions, and expert paper presentations on security related issues. NISS has hold two roundtable discussions on capacity development of the Ministry of Defense and Understanding the National Security Policy of Nepal. NISS has also conducted interaction programs related to the Nepal army and Nepal Police.

b. NISS members have participated and presented papers at national and international forums.

c. NISS plans to publish Occasional Papers, Journals and Books based on its activities; and also establish an e-library and a data bank.
1. General Meetings
Steering Committee meetings are held every month and when needed. The General meetings are held once in a year. These meetings allow the Secretariat to update members on what NISS is doing and receive their feedback.

2. The NISS Library
The Secretariat organizes and maintains a comprehensive library on security sector reform and PSDD issues in Nepal, and relevant international case studies.

3. NISS Bulletins and News Summary
The Secretariat releases regular News Summary fortnightly and monthly bulletin with analysis on important issue of the month. NISS analysis to update people and Institution’s activities and researches on PSDD in Nepal are circulated regularly. The Bulletin serves as a tool to disseminate and share information through the network on new publications on the subject, upcoming events, and other announcements. The Bulletin is published both in Nepali and English.

NISS plans to publish Occasional Papers, Journals and Books based on its activities; and also establish an e-library and a data bank.


a. Send us articles, publications, and researches you have concerning security sector transformations/Security Sector Reform in Nepal or relevant international case studies.
b. Become part of our mailing list and receive regular updates, news summary and monthly bulletin and relevant development on PSDD issues.
c. Any research or publications you would like to contribute to our library and circulated through our bulletin can be sent to us.
d. Contact Us:
Contact to learn about how you can become part of NISS activities.

The NISS Secretariat is housed in the Dhumbarahi where many our meetings take place.
Any questions or inquiries can be sent to


NISS Secretariat
Barahi Marga,

Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-1-4433106, Fax:977-1-4433106