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Interaction Program of NISS with SIIS

Publish On: Oct 13 2017

Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS) organized an interaction programme with Shanghai Institutes for International Studies delegation team on their request during their Field Study Tour in Nepal between 07 Oct to 12 Oct.   (more…)

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MOU between CIISS and NISS

Publish On: May 24 2017

MOU between CIISS and NISS was done on 18th May 2017.

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OBOR and South Asia Seminar 2017

Publish On: May 11 2017

A Seminar on One Belt One Road ( OBOR ) and South Asia - a political, economic and security dimension was organized by Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies ( NISS ) on 28th April 2017 at Hotel Shangri La in collaboration with China Study Center ( CSC ). Prominent Think Tank and Strategic Studies Scholars from SA Countries (...

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MOU between NISS and LNU

Publish On: Nov 28 2016

In year 2016,many important visits occurred in NISS, similarly NISS members participated in various Seminar and workshops. NISS members have widely participated in seminars organized in Nepal,especially in Kathmandu. Chairman Lt Gen Vivek Kumar Shah visited Leshan Normal University. He is awarded as Guest Professor of that university. Leshan Normal University ,China and NISS signed a MOU for...

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Collaboration and Visits

Publish On: Nov 25 2016

Nov 4 , Defence Attache of Embassy of People's Republic of China in Kathmandu met with Chairman to learn about NISS. Nov 9 , 2016 Professor Dr. Dai Yonghong visited Chairman of NISS while he attends  Seminar in Kathmandu. Nov 10-14, 2016  Chairman visited Leshan Normal University where he was awarded a professor of that institute. He presented a...

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Read this book..

Publish On: Nov 22 2016

Former Military Secretary Lt. Gen Vivek Kumar Shah with his thirty years of service in the Royal Palace has published book titled Maile Dekheko Durbar. Gen Shah has a wealth of knowledge and experiences about Nepalese politics and current trend of history. The book is a collection of series of events and experiences in the form of diary note...

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