About Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies

NISS is an independent, apolitical, non-profit and nonpartisan national organization which provides a common forum for individuals and organizations from the government, political parties, security sector institutions and civil society and other stake holders to hold discussion on issues of PSDD. Through research studies, interactions, debates and training and knowledge sharing NISS aims to support the government, parliamentarians, security institutions, and stakeholders by producing strategic level papers and policy recommendations in areas of PSDD and advocate the same at the national, regional and international level. The institute coordinates intellectual leadership

“ Expand the institution’s network within and beyond the nation. ”

News and Events

Apr 1 2018

Witnessing Palace, Power and Politics

Former Military Secretary Lt Gen Vivek Kumar Shah with his thirty years of service in the Royal Palace has published book titled ‘Witnessing Palace, Power and Politics’This book is an

Mar 7 2018

Interaction Program on OBOR & Nepal’s Development Prospects 2018

An Interaction Program on “OBOR & Nepal’s Development Prospects” was organised by Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies ( NISS ) on 07th March 2018 at Hotel Shangri La



Aug 7, 2018

Looking south

Nepal should now explore look north policy alternativesfor trade, technology, connectivity and financial integration

Experts warn that weaker economies are seldom left with limited choice of national

Aug 7, 2018

विश्व नेतृत्वमा चीन कि अमेरिका ?

यही सामर्थ्य र गठबन्धनको बलमा चीनले विश्व व्यवस्थाको नेतृत्व गर्न सम्भव देखिन्न

चिनियाँ जनमुक्ति सेनाका एक वरिष्ठ सैनिक अधिकारी तथा लेखक लिऊ मिङ्फुद्वारा २०१० मा लिखित पुस्तकको

Aug 1, 2018

पाकिस्तानी चुनाव र भारतसँगको सम्बन्ध

पाकिस्तानसँग एउटा सफल र सबल राष्ट्रका रूपमा विश्व समुदायमाझ स्वाभिमानका साथ खडा हुने आन्तरिक ऊर्जा र इच्छाशक्तिको अभाव भने छैन

सिन्थिया शकको सन् २०१५ मा प्रकाशित पुस्तक